Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Waitress, I need two more boatdrinks

So, for those of you that don't know me well, I am a huge Parrot Head.  I know, I know, really?  I confess, it's mostly Larry, my husband's, fault- he started it, plus I am getting older and listening to Eminem must be relegated to the secrecy of my basement, and only if my sister Steph is within earshot.  I will post one of the many fabulous pictures later this week, but I digress, let me share the experience with all of you...

Larry and I began our adventure on Saturday with the weather in full cooperation-mode, even if the traffic was not.  Sadly, we could not fit all of our accessories or tailgating paraphernalia into the convertible, so instead we were forced to take the hearse; plenty of room in the back of that! After a brief check in at the hotel, we embarked on the 2 block drive to Margaritaville.

We were joined, once again, by our friends from Larry's work, and their 3 kids and their assorted dates/hook ups/screw ups/whateveryacallits.  The day began with the traditional donning of leis for the ladies, coozies for the beers, and smiles for everyone.  We took the tour of the parking lot, partaking in the slip and slide, spinning the wheel, doing shots off of surf boards, and picking up stray, random cute guys.  Did I mention there were 5 hot 20-something blond young chicks with us?

Being a well-versed tailgater, aka drinker, I made sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after the festivities and I made sure to devour as much taco dip and chips I could manage before the growing 20-somethings tackled me and wrestled it away from me. 

Alas, Mother Nature was not having it.  It was hotter than balls outside all day, and not a breeze to be had.  Half way through the concert I started feeling tired, so I sat down.  Larry kept asking if everything was alright, and I was crabby and told him I was just tired.  I felt *off*.  I drank 4 beers, in 5 hours of tailgating, and then when I entered the stadium, I only drank water. 

Needless to say, when I stood up to dance to "Cheeseburger in Paradise" I was shocked that I felt faint.  There are few feelings in the world I hate more than this.  I grabbed my husbands' arm on the way down and he broke my fall; thankfully.  After getting the shakes, hot and cold chills, and such, my EMT trained husband notified me I was suffering from heat exhaustion. I had a tough time making it up the stairs, but once I did, I laid down on the cool concrete while security got me water and a cold pack for the back of my neck.  As soon as I got in the breeze, drank a bottle of water and had the cold pack, I sprang back to life.  Sadly, Larry and I missed a portion of the concert, but I did not have to be taken away, via stretcher, like some other poor fools that night.

Is it wrong that as I was walking up the stairs, head down, hand on the railing to keep from falling, I spotted a rolled up dollar bill and took a moment to think about bending over to pick it up?  The fact that I didn't should tell you how dire my situation was, however I continue to chastise myself about it even now.  Who knows, maybe there was a $100 bill rolled up in there!

So, I am off to spend the rest of the day on the water, with my husband, son and nephew.  Thankfully I can stay cool atop my floaty; no fear of heat exhaustion today.

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