Friday, August 20, 2010

No Pain, No Gain

Or, so the theory goes right?  So, the other day, I finally fished out my netting to hang up in the basement, Ala Margaritaville decor.  I had my cohorts from the Buffett concert drunkenly collect me some memorabilia so I could throw it into my fish net after I hang it in the corner by the big flat screen t.v.  My spoils included some beads, leis, and various blow up characters like a parrot and a beach ball.

I stopped to think a bit and figure out exactly how I was going to tackle this hanging ordeal.  Unfortunately Larry was otherwise occupied (sleeping in the Adirondack chair out on the patio, watching said flat screen t.v.), so his sensibilities were of no help to me this time.  After much thought, which didn't include any real thought at all,  I excitedly stood atop the t.v. stand wrapping the netting into our drop ceiling tiles, being sure not to rain down white dust all over myself in the process.  I was precariously balancing one foot on my exercise ball when my luck ran out.  My foot slipped and I fell, crotching the t.v.stand.  I sat there stunned, with a Margaritaville plate betwixt my legs.  Thankfully the plate did not break, as my mother smuggled that thing out of JB's restaurant in Cancun;  I believe the bartering included some sort of illegal transaction, but I can't be sure.

When I dared stand up and assess the personal damage, I looked down to see my right leg flipping me the angriest, purplest bird I have ever seen.  Although friends and family have been harassing me to post a picture on facebook, I am patiently waiting on this bruise to really take hold.  Knowing my bruising history, it will end up getting really dark and nasty looking.  The bruise basically starts at my ankle and goes midway up my thigh.  There are some distracting scratches mixed up in there, but when I finally post a picture please be sure to stay focused people, the bruise is the star of this show!  It's been 5 days, and already some yellow is starting to come out, and  I am seriously considering writing to the President of Bruises to complain; doesn't he know that yellow comes after all the dark purples and blues?

oh, yeah, Larry...well, he awoke with a start after hearing all the commotion and crotching of t.v. stands.  Ever the valiant husband, he helpfully suggested I don't slip and fall like that again. Makes me giggle in a pay-back's-a-bitch, kinda way when I think of him losing his precious White Sox hat yesterday while on the boat- but that's a story for another time.

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