Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You say Tom-A-to, I say Toe-mat-O

So, my good friend and neighbor, Laurie brought me a 10 pound box of bruised tomatoes this weekend.  Initially I was really excited, except then I realized they didn't come all peeled, cored and seeded like hers did-ahem... after she peeled, cored and seeded them.

Immediately my mind started racing with the possibilities, but I reigned in all the randomness and decided on 4 recipes.  Tomato soup, tomato sauce, garden vegetable soup, and Tinga-a Hispanic shredded chicken made with chipotle peppers.  I was able to accomplish the first 3 items this weekend.  Tinga is on the docket for this week.  On top of the load of tomatoes I processed, I also made 2 peanut butter cheesecakes, with brownie crusts.  phew, that's a lot of kitchen time.  Thankfully the weather went all Antarctica on us and cooled down.

All this baking and cooking got me excited for Fall; the change in weather, more indoor cooking, warm sweaters, drinking by the fire pit, and of course; more cooking and baking!  I have started a list, based on my husband's requests, of things I want to make as the weather forces me indoors.  It seemed that as college football got started this weekend, so did my cooking extravaganza-to my husband's dismay, the first thing I made was not an apple pie with a flaky crust.  I mean I just perfected the *French* version of the apple pie, now I need to make a flaky crust?  hmmmm, I think I will need more kitchen hardware a la Amazon.com.

Did I tell you about the Fry Daddy and Truffle Oil I just purchased?  no?  I guess that's a story for another time.

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